Babysteps into Java.

Lets get started peeping into what Java really is.Java is a programming language that creates several softwares. The compiled codes are known as Bytecodes.Java is much similar to C++ and C languages. This has a great hand in android and app development.                    what-is-java-000As i stepped into Amrita, particularly CSE, i kept thinking of peeping into coding and learning lots in programming. I knew that it was not like blinking an eye. But i had the patience and strong dezire as i was a begginer. I have also been thinking a lot about android development and app development. Seeing my parts of interests in my bio, one of my senior, Abhilash G (Java and Android developer), talked to me and sketched my dezire. He helped me a lot and gave me excellent introduction on android development.                            Android-Developers-Logo.png This made me step into Java. I was totally new to it. I googled more about it and also surfed through java documentation. Finally, i took my fingers vibrate to code the basic program in java, “Hello World program”. I have written my experience in java in this blog. Hope you all enjoy it.

After reading and surfing a lot, i started my works. I did not have Java in my in linux. So i installed java 10 in it. Then i wanted an editor to write the code. In this i was a bit confused. I saw many editors like Pico, Atom etc, while i was fogged with just Gedit and Vim. So in installed Atom and installed the script package in it. Then with the help of my senior i learnt about each command and parameters in it.

It was really different from python which i initially knew. I learnt that we use “class” defenition and it is assigned a name. Every code in java begins with a class command.A class includes Modifiers (public/protected/private) , a Class name, Key words and the Class Body which is within curly braces. Public, the commonly used one exposes a class to other classes too. While private hides from other classes. Then we write a name for the class. There are 50 keywords in java. Being the key words they cannot be used as variable names.Then comes the main body of the program.

Coming to the second line of code. This line has a main method and its signature is as follows:

                         public static void main(String[] arg)

The  main method gives the Main part of the program. It includes the string and the argument given by “argv” or “args”.The next step is to give the output. This has the following signature:

                        System.out.println("Hello World!!");

The program now gives the output. We can also give certain comments for the code wherever required. this can be done by the following way

 /** this is my HelloWorld program in java. I am a learner in java.*/


There are certain thing that one has to keep in mind while saving the java file. Its recommended to save the file in the same name as that of the class followed by .java signature.I have done my code using Atom editor.Screenshot from 2018-11-09 17-36-51.JPG

This experience of java was really thrilling and good. This becomes much more interesting when you have such a good guidance as i got from my senior mentioned above. And it is real fun to write and learn the codes in Java.


Completing my Foss Task!!!

Stepping first into Amrita, i was a bit scared about computing and programming as i was new to this.But it have all been so different when i joined the foss workshop.Even  academic portions had been more clear and i had a good picture of every single algorithm done in class just because of Foss workshop, particularly the efficient seniors, has nourished us well through their training. I also found that python is really cool and interesting to the core.


At first when i used to get questions, i felt nervous and did’nt know where to start with.But as the tasks were uploaded, i was all set to peep into it. As i saw the question i felt confident and just started it.As i did it, i got pretty good flow to move forward to the next step. At first i thought that it might mess up. But the logics that lit up  just because of the proper training of the workshop, helped me to do it. It was really an amazing time to do it. I did the Task, “Rock, Paper, Scissor”. It was thrilling and i really enjoyed it.At first i just made out the logics. Then i modified it in a user friendly manner. Then it was very interesting to do the github activities. For this i created a new repository of mine in name “fosstask”. It was a really good experience and i am eagerly waiting and hoping that i will go through the screening tasks and interviews. The link to my repository through which u can access the code for the ever interesting game “Rock Paper Scissor” is given below:*5TRuG7tG0KrZJXKoFtHlSg.jpegfoss

Myself here!!!

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I am so amazed to let you all view my ideas. Just feeling happy to share with the world my ideas of life and taking in the soothing fragrance of nature. The aspect of life to me is “a thing that makes each little being engaged with enthusiastic expectations.” The elixir of life is a charming soul that connects and sings along the rhythm of nature. So I wanted to connect all young souls, no matter how much it counts on you biologically, to the vibrant green glowing touch of nature.

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